‚ÄčCreations from the flame. 

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Bob and Rene work closely together to create each new flamework design.  After a design is finalized, we normally only make 24-36 of a particular style at a time.  Five of us work with various torches and equipment to complete each piece.  Bob and Christa are working together on the new fused glass designs.  "When everyone is laughing, we know that we have accomplished our goal."  We hope that you enjoy our new work. 

It often takes considerable time to develop a new design...a new look.  Our goal is to include humor and movement in every piece.  Using a propane torch, we heat, pull and shape clear, hollow tubes of laboratory glass.  During the process, we use oxides, splinter glass and even a sandblaster to add color to the glass.  Each piece is truly unique...or...as we like to say..."each piece has its own personality". 

In 2020, we used our COVID downtime to double the size of our studio while focusing on new flamework designs and techniques.  We also expanded into fused glass and will be introducing new fused glass designs throughout the 2021 season.